How ZYTO Technology Works

Most of your daily activity is managed by an exchange of information that happens at a level below conscious awareness.

Every second there are an estimated 100 million impulses of information processed by your body of which you are not aware. Your brain filters these impulses, and even though you are unaware of it, it is this information that keeps your body organized and healthy.

Using the hand cradle, ZYTO technology makes it possible to “eavesdrop” as your cells communicate, and listen to the conversation. This is accomplished by monitoring the changes in galvanic skin response, or GSR.

Zyto technology revolutionizes the way we make decisions by allowing us to communicate with the body on this level. The process of talking with the body can be seen as a stimulus-response exercise.



Emotional stress has a profound effect on our lives and on our physical bodies

PHC offers a very effective session for releasing emotional subconscious stress; it’s called EVOX. The system uses voice mapping to identify areas and degrees of stress.  No matter what your emotional pattern, Voice Remapping can assist you in understanding, releasing, and balancing,  call it Perception Reframing.

 EVOX allows your subconscious mind to balance and clear away unwanted thoughts and feelings.

If we learn by association, we remember by repetition. The objective of voice remapping is to “unburden” or change patterns that are rigid and stuck.

Why use the voice to understand the feelings and thinking?  The voice contains coded information about your state of mind and body.  Look in your own experience – by speaking to someone for only a moment you can hear if they are sad, sick, depressed, happy or open and enthusiastic.

When you are balanced with the voice remapping, you look through new eyes.  You see people differently and with true understanding. 

Business professionals, sports coaches, and others concerned with optimal performance use the EVOX to remove energetic blocks and bring out winning results naturally.

Not only does the EVOX effectively target these needs, but it’s fast, permanent and nearly effortless.

Clients consistently report results like:

  • Peaceful relaxation and ability to be “present”
  • Release of anxieties, fears, worry and stress
  • New insights and healthier paradigm
  • Easier coping with formerly-stressful situations
  • Elimination of self-destructive behavior
  • Increased productivity and satisfaction
  • Renewed enthusiasm and optimism about life

Along with consistent results, one of the best aspects of the EVOX system is its ease of use, for both client and practitioner.

A typical EVOX session goes like this:

  1. The client records a voice map about the chosen topic.
  2. The computer identifies the  frequencies missing from the voice and selects the signals designed to correct it.
  3. The Hand Cradle gentle feeds the targeted signals back to the client while the client focuses on the chosen issue.
  4. A new voice map is recorded to evaluate progress.
  5. These steps repeat until the desired shift occurs
NES Practitioner Chicago


NES Health and everything we do is based on one core belief:

Information and Energy Control Biology

NES Practitioner ChicagoThe concept is simple. Imagine the body as a computer. The body’s cells and body parts are like hardware. This has been very well studied by Western Medicine over the last 100 years with little current understanding over what actually controls the body. What has been ignored is the body’s information system or its ‘operating system’ and ‘the energy’ (like electricity) needed to run the hardware. Correct the control system of the body, enhance its energy systems and health improves – dramatically.

For more in depth information visit:

QRA Practitioner Chicago


Your body is talking to you…are you listening?

QRA Practitioner ChicagoEverything is comprised of energy….we are energy beings living in an energy field. Energy is flowing through us…..it’s measured with EEG’s, EMG’s and ECG’s. Over time scars, traumas, injuries, surgeries can stress the body, affecting the flow of energy and causing blockages. Energy gets diverted and congested causing the flow of energy to change course, reflex and effect the function of the body which shows up as pain, insomnia, headaches, tiredness, irritability and so on. Nutrition is not easily accessed and assimilated for healing.

QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis, a form of Applied Kinesiology, identifies the blockages in the body which cause imbalances. Learn how with the use of acupuncture points a simple test can be done to determine blockages in organs and glands which affect your health and well-being. Once blockages and imbalances are identified, the body in its infinite wisdom selects the right nutrition, the right protocol and begins to self heal.