What Do Clients Say?

I leave a session with Cyndi feeling as if there has been divine intervention!  Her compassion and investment in what is best for me is so apparent that I immediately feel a sense of calm and ease and utter confidence.  She is truly a healer, blending her intuitive skills and knowledge with grace, wisdom and expertise.
Mary D. Evanston Client
Like a lot of baby boomers, I was experiencing fatigue, aches, pains and odd symptoms.  Several visits with traditional medical providers and many labs tests later, I was told that ‘we can’t find anything wrong with you’.  A tough finding when I knew I wasn’t feeling 100%.  I had given up on feeling good and was trying accept these symptoms as my new normal, when I was introduced to bio-energetic practices through Cyndi Dodick.
Ellie W.Chicago
I had leg cramps so severe I was rendered unable to sleep, let alone function during the day without pain pills…In lieu of more hospital visits, I decided to turn to Cyndi…After only one day, I was 80% better, and after strictly following the regime Cyndi created for me for two weeks, I was symptom-free. I have since been on a campaign to get dear friends and loved ones to see Cyndi.
Robert I. SchwimmerAttorney at Law

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Important Note: All upcoming events have been cancelled while Cyndi attends to important family matters. Thank you for your kind consideration and understanding.

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