Pure Water

Pure Water!

Pure Water

Once you recognize and appreciate that your body is mostly water, it’s easy to understand why proper hydration is essential.

Approximately 75% of our body is water:

So the water you drink becomes who you are. We are what we eat AND DRINK!

Pure water, Pure Air and Pure Food = Pure Health

While we know that fresh pure spring water is the most desirable source for water, distillation is the next best thing. I have been researching water for over 15 years and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Dr. Gabriel Cousens is right. We can only guarantee PURE water through distillation.

Distilled water is aggressively immature so it must be re-energized and re-activated. Minerals (sea salt) need to be added back to re-energize it and make sure it does not leach minerals from our body.

Dr. Cousens’ Distilled Water Re-activation Protocol

  • Use glass containers for every step of the process when possible
  • Add either Ionic Minerals (Omica) 12 drops, Polar Mins (Premier Labs)12 drops or Pink Salt ,1/8th teaspoon (when using salt, I like Premier Labs Pink Salt because it’s harvested with wood and does not use nickel in grinding) This brings the minerals to 50ppm
  • Add Crystal Energy (Dr. Flannegans product. He’s an MD, pHD who’s studied water for longer than most of us have been alive) This micro-clusters the water for better absorption.
  • Vortex the water (This is a fancy way of saying, take a wooden spoon and stir it first in one direction, till you see that little tornado in the center, then stir it in the other direction.
  • Bless it. You can use Vav, Mem, Bet said three times or just bless it in whatever way you feel. (Vav Mem, Bet is said to return the frequency to pre-flood.)
  • Then, expose it to moonlight. The Moon is directly tied (tide) to water energy.
  • This may sound complicated, truthfully it takes under two minutes.