QRA Practitioner Chicago


Your body is talking to you…are you listening?

QRA Practitioner ChicagoEverything is comprised of energy….we are energy beings living in an energy field. Energy is flowing through us…..it’s measured with EEG’s, EMG’s and ECG’s. Over time scars, traumas, injuries, surgeries can stress the body, affecting the flow of energy and causing blockages. Energy gets diverted and congested causing the flow of energy to change course, reflex and effect the function of the body which shows up as pain, insomnia, headaches, tiredness, irritability and so on. Nutrition is not easily accessed and assimilated for healing.

QRA, Quantum Reflex Analysis, a form of Applied Kinesiology, identifies the blockages in the body which cause imbalances. Learn how with the use of acupuncture points a simple test can be done to determine blockages in organs and glands which affect your health and well-being. Once blockages and imbalances are identified, the body in its infinite wisdom selects the right nutrition, the right protocol and begins to self heal.