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Personalized Approaches to Optimal Health

Cyndi Dodick

There is no “ONE APPROACH” or ”ONE DIET” that applies to everyone; nor does one approach alone create optimal health. The key to creating a path from where you are to where you want to be is in perspective and balance.

While Cyndi is a vegan and cherishes veganism for the value it provides to the individual, the community, the environment and the planet, one does not need to be a vegan to benefit from her wellness approaches and energy field measuring tools.

The services offered are designed to exponentially support each other so that the results achieved are more powerful than the sum of their parts; allowing the client’s mind-body complex to lead the way to what products are most effective to what amount will be most efficient.

Modalities are mixed and matched based on your current level of health and your personal goals. Cyndi is available to discuss the different approaches she offers and present options to determine which approach is most resonant with your goals.

About Cyndi

Cynthia Dodick has been practicing in the healthcare field for over 30 years. She is a Licensed, Registered Occupational Therapist and has expanded her skills to include alternative and natural healing. She has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting her own natural gifts and intuitive abilities.

Personalized Consultations

Pure Water, Pure Air and Pure Food = Pure Health

New You Old You

Pure Health Center is dedicated to offering alternative options that integrate modern science and ancient healing traditions.  Our initial consultation begins with a complete nutritional and medical history that includes your goals and lifestyle. We create a realistic individualized plan, specifically tailored to your unique needs.  Our approach uses multiple synergistic modalities to wellness combining physical and energetic tools to address health and well being.  The integrated application of these wellness approaches along with the use of excipient-free, pure, highest quality products accelerates healing and promotes optimal health.

Local clients meet with us at our center; out of towners and people pressed for time, can conveniently work with us via Skype or the telephone.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Nutrition Education

Take Control of your health!


As our name implies, Pure Health Center takes a delicious, pure whole food approach to your health and vibrancy. We provide specific recommendations on high quality, excipient-free supplements and nutrient dense foods to enhance your return to optimal health.

We will create a program based on your individual needs.  In addition, we host workshops and classes that provide you with the tools you need to create change and meet your nutritional goals.

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To sign up you can either:
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Workshops and Events

Support for a Conscious Life!

Chicago Alternative Health Events

Pure Health Center provides opportunities for additional learning in the form of events, presentations, guest speakers, workshops and food preparation classes.

We strive to be a community resource for sustainable, abundant, healthful, joyful and continuous learning that supports a peaceful balanced life.

We value the community and invite collaboration. If you have an idea for future events, topics, or speakers, please let us know.

Check in regularly, we are continually updating our calendar.

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