What Do Clients Say?

I leave a session with Cyndi feeling as if there has been divine intervention!  Her compassion and investment in what is best for me is so apparent that I immediately feel a sense of calm and ease and utter confidence.  She is truly a healer, blending her intuitive skills and knowledge with grace, wisdom and expertise.

Mary D. Evanston
Like a lot of baby boomers, I was experiencing fatigue, aches, pains and odd symptoms.  Several visits with traditional medical providers and many labs tests later, I was told that ‘we can’t find anything wrong with you’.  A tough finding when I knew I wasn’t feeling 100%.  I had given up on feeling good and was trying accept these symptoms as my new normal, when I was introduced to bio-energetic practices through Cyndi Dodick.  I’ve been working with Cyndi for the past two years, determining appropriate supplementation, monthly NES assessments and improving my diet.  My energy and pain is much better, and I’m hopeful that I will continue to improve.  Spending time with Cyndi and learning about the body’s bio-electrical field has restored my faith in our ability to heal.
Ellie W.Chicago
I had leg cramps so severe I was rendered unable to sleep, let alone function during the day without pain pills. My orthopedic  physician discerned no orthopedic problem and unintentionally sent me on a wild goose chase, concerned that I had a blood clot: a wasted day at a hospital culminated in a blood clot analysis that came out negative (as Cyndi had predicted). My physician next wanted me to see a neurologist. Cyndi had counseled that my symptoms were most likely an “issue with the tissues.” In lieu of more hospital visits, I decided to turn to Cyndi, and had her perform what I have since learned was a “bio-terrain audit.” Cyndi proceeded to determine my problem as an iron deficiency and a digestive issue, and suggested a set of various iron and other supplements. After only one day, I was 80% better, and after strictly following the regime Cyndi created for me for two weeks, I was symptom-free. I have since been on a campaign to get dear friends and loved ones to see Cyndi. Those who were willing to commit to adhering to the protocol she developed for them have been grateful to me for having steered them to Cyndi. Cyndi’s wonderful kindness and sincerity are attractive, but “I’m from Missouri” — Cyndi needed to “show me.” She did ….. and then some.
Robert I. SchwimmerAttorney at Law
From my experience, I have found EVOX is a unique and direct approach to unlocking and healing negative vibrational energy that is stored in the body through the course of a life time and has the potential to tap into previous lifetimes….freeing trapped truths and releasing limiting belief patterns. I had very quick and promising results shortly after beginning Evox voice mapping. Within a week or two into treatment, I found myself in a family gathering where, as a result of my treatments, I was able to clearly identify the energetic exchange between family members.  The truthful and clear perspective I received from the EVOX enabled me “speak my truth” in this encapsulated family gathering. It just “came out”, yet the vibration of my voice had a strength that was rather new and unfamiliar. Years of sequestering, squashing, denying, hiding my own personal truths, agreeing to the limiting thoughts, authoritarian beliefs that had been passed down from infinite generations were beginning to find their way out, through my own voice.
Vicki B.